Customer Reviews





Customer Reviews

RMI was absolutely the best decision ever!! Very knowledgeable, helpful, and reasonably priced compared to other bids. Craig went above and beyond as we were building and had many delays with our timeline, he was great at showing us how to operate the system. His wife kept us in the loop every step of the way.. can’t say enough about the great experience!! Building a house is stressful and this was seriously the best experience with contractors and service!!

Sharon C

RMI came out to our home on a mins notice to repair our leaking backflow, and I do mean leaking. The city was threatening us and Craig fixed in about an hour. RMI has impeccable customer service, on time and ready to work, not like a few other companies we have used. I would recommend them to anyone, pricing is fantastic, workmanship is stellar and overall just a GREAT company to work with.

Katie E

Water, Irrigation, Sprinklers- Craig is the EXPERT! I would call him an “Irrigation Coach” – because he educated and trained us to use our new system. He also showed his Mcguiver skills by repairing some of the fouled up lines that were beat up during construction. Communication and follow up was spot on- Thank you Rocky Mountain– you exceeded our expectations. Water ON!!!! PS. My grass loves you guys!

Mike Woody

I want to believe that I am a good steward of our household finances. So, when I reached out to RMI as a possible service provider for my irrigation system, I had some BASIC business 101 initial criteria that I or anyone should expect.

Responsiveness: VERY shortly after sending my request to RMI, Cyndi contacted me to let me know she had received my request and that when she returned home, she would call me back with more details, and she promptly did.

Customer Service: At that pivotal moment, Cyndi was the FACE (voice) of RMI. She presented herself in a manner that made me very comfortable about RMI and allowed the conversation to informally evolve to how she placed great IMPORTANCE and DEDICATION to customer service. I asked Cyndi to e-mail me a contract to review. After reviewing it, I signed & returned it. A service date was then agreed upon. The evening before the service date, Cyndi texted me confirming the next day’s appointment.

On Time and VERY Knowledgeable: Craig showed up at my house at the appointed time, (not within a window of time). Craig also presented himself in a manner that made me very comfortable about choosing RMI. As he allowed both of us to get to know each other personally, he took an abundant amount of time to understand my irrigation system before turning it up. After Craig turned up my system, he evaluated & tweaked each zone. He then took even more time to offer (to share) his knowledge to me about operating my system. Craig just amplified my good feelings, (that had been initially established by Cyndi), about RMI, times 2 !

I am normally a half-empty glass type of person, so for me to say that…..

“I am feeling really good about finding and enlisting RMI (Cyndi & Craig) as my irrigation service provider.”

is an understatement and not in my nature, ask my wife!

Ron Bloss

Our 20-year-old home irrigation system had been out of service for a couple of years. Craig came in and had it up and running in an hour. The cost was a fraction of what I had been previously quoted. You are hurting yourself if you do not hire these guys to repair and maintain your existing system. Craig and his team are a quality organization.

Kenneth McKinney

I could write a whole page on Craig and how well he did on the installation of my sprinkler system. He did a fantastic job and is a very personable and professional individual. Best price, best service and takes the time to explain any questions you may have. Great job Craig and thank you very much. Highly recommended if you can’t tell by my comments.

Don Batson

I couldn’t be more happier than I am right now with the sprinkler installation for our home and the awesome customer service we received throughout the entire process. I love the fact that RMI is a local business and also provides a discount for Veterans. I am thankful because of that and will always recommend RMI to others.

Micheal H

We just built a house and wanted an irrigation system installed. We reached out to many different local companies. After talking to all of them, we decided to go with RMI. Their install methods and equipment were in my opinion better than what their competition was offering. Craig got our install done in just a few days and we have a good size lot (1/3 acre). Craig and his crew took great care of my property and there was only very minimal damage to the existing turf where the lines went into the ground. The install was clean and professional. Craig set up the controller and adjusted the heads in all 8 of our zones. I would highly recommend RMI to anyone looking for an irrigations system, or just a knowledgeable company to maintain an existing system.


RMI has done a great job of maintaining and repairing our lake sourced irrigation system. They are very professional and responsive to their customers.

Dave L

Craig came out as a favor to an I’ll installer, fit me in during a tight time table between box blading and sodding, installation happened over a weekend. Excellent workmanship


I have worked with Craig for the last several years and have been very pleased, good service fair price.


We have been thrilled with RMI both for our home and business. Craig is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and responsive when there is a problem.

Ann Willoughby

Craig is one of those guys who does what he said he would do and wants you to be happy. Great company and I am happy to recommend them.


Craig has worked on our system several times. From fixing leaks to winterizing. Always professional and very knowledgeable.

The Beverlins

I’m new to KS, bought a house that had an old sprinkler system, and wasn’t sure how to work it. Call several Co’s and not one could find the problem. Craig came out, it took him about 25 mins and he found the rock in the value box. He also adjusted my heads, replaced a line all in about 1 1/2 hr. Very professional, the cost was perfect, and Craig’s service was fantastic. Thank you, Liz Cole

Liz Cole